I need to write the thing is I've been writing and reading every day. I've been writing and read my first Maldivian Stephen speech to over one hundred people. I've been writing quotes, I've written press releases, tons of emails, and if you’re reading this you probably saw the commercial which I wrote the script for. I have my first book signing coming up. So I'm going full speed ahead and holding steady. 

The bee who sneezed is a finalist for the McGrath House Independent Book Award and sales are good buy industry standards for a new children's book.

The rat who loved math will be out very soon and the art work looks incredible I'm actually stoked for everything that is going on.

Sometimes it seems like so much but then I think about what else would I like to be doing and I smile because this is what feels right.

I enjoy it, it's so awesome hearing about how people like the book and want to know when the next one will be out. 

It really does make me smile knowing I made you smile or your kid smile or your friend’s kid smile or your grandkids smile the list probably goes on for miles and miles. 

Ha that’s what drives me it's the smile inside me that no one sees but I feel. That is why I think the Veterans Day thing is so cool. It really is just to help and make someone somewhere smile.

The veteran that gets something from USASOA that he or she needs. 

The kid that lights up when he or she receives a new book because they like reading or at least love awesome artwork.

The kid that gets to show off a talent to the person willing to watch. 

The smile I that I don't get to see but I know it's there on my friends and family because they've known me and see me doing something.

That list could also go on forever because sharing a smile with someone is an awesome thing that we all do but never talk about.

Thank you for keeping the smile on my face please know I'm smiling back at you.

Stephen Evans (Maldivian Stephen)