It's has been a little over two weeks now in the exciting new world of children’s literature. Our book sales are good. They are not great but what did I expect. We are nobodies from nowhereville. We are two veterans chasing a dream, chasing a suess. I look back at my thoughts and realize how unrealistic they actually were. I really thought we would put the book out. I would tell everyone I know and they would all go by a copy, write a review and take a picture with the book. Why did I think that, because I am crazy! No, but because I am a dreamer. It's the same reason that I write children's stories. My mind goes off in its own little world and everything just works out there. 

So I reread my stories, I look at our "hero's" and notice they too each go through their own struggles. No story starts at the end. There is a beginning long before that. This is just ours!


In all sincerity I am incredibly grateful for all the love and support we have received so far. I fully understand everybody has a life of their own and things going on in their world as well. I'm just happy we share worlds and space. I love you all.

I really know that we can't do this without you. Without you reading, smiling, teaching, learning and laughing. While you and yours enjoy what we do because we enjoy doing it. That's the thing about this I didn't just decide I was going to write a little story and think the whole world would love it overnight. Neil Armstrong didn't just jump one day and land on the moon either. It takes work everything does. This is all so new to me in the last two weeks I have sent out five hundred some emails, letters, and messages. I've posted more in ten days then I have in ten years. I've been in the paper, I've done interviews, I've had to look down the lens of a camera. I have tweets, Instagrams and am in a book with my face on it. It is the world we live in now. It's confusing and fascinating at the same time. It's neither good or bad it's just what it is and for us it's also makes this possible. 


I'm writing today because I've been writing a lot lately but I haven't been writing just to write like this. I have been writing for promotion to advertise and spread the word about "the bee who sneezed".  It wasn’t until recently that more than a very few might read something I wrote. Now there is a chance a few more people may be reading this and or our books. If you are one of those people I can't thank you enough and encourage you to chase your dream whatever it maybe. Tell me about it because I feel like that's all that I'm doing. I'm telling everyone I know. I'm telling every person I meet. I probably am telling people that don't want to be told. But it is okay it’s the little wins that matter. It's the text I get from someone telling me how much a child loved the book. It's hearing about someone discovering or sharing a new talent. It's a friend telling me the first picture he has captured with his son smiling is the one with him holding our book "the bee who sneezed" in his little hands.  

Those are the things that have already made this voyage amazing and we have just set sail. I am a sailor I will hold steady through fair or rough seas going full speed ahead. I have to truly believe that now more than ever. I'm ready though I'm excited and looking forward to see where this goes. 


Have a great weekend and I wish you the very best.  Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. If you don't want to do any of that, don’t. Please just keep chasing your dreams and have a wonderful day.