Mic Ru

Mic Ru has been a practicing artist for the majority of his life. Later he would join the US Army and served tours in Kosovo as well as Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. After the military Mic Ru pursued his Bachelors of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design at New Mexico State University. After University he worked in Higher Education devoting time to helping service-members transition from the Military lifestyle into the civilian sector with a primary focus in transitioning through college life. 

Mic Ru is the Author and illustrator of “Dog Tags Comics,” and “Christmas Town". He is also the creator of “Rain Bears,” sculptures. Over the past few years he has created and sold Rain Bears all across the United States. “I am blessed in life to have so many people who not only enjoy my work, but also believe in me. Without the artist, the world is just a blank sheet of paper where history never happened, the present does not exist, and the future is not even a concept. The artist, the creative passion feeds the imagination of life, love and laughter.”

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