Sometimes my hands start sweating and my heart starts beating fast as my mind keeps jumping from every possible outcome to another. It's something I think we all do whenever we have something big in our lives coming or happening. Maybe it's nerves, maybe its fear, I call it hope. I need to pause and focus on that. I need to reread "The Bee who Sneezed". I need to look at the message we are putting out and bee-lieve in myself. I know I'm not the best writer out there, I don't have an extensive background in literature. Ha I think I only took one English class in college and probably didn't even do that great. Though it never stopped me I've been writing for so long and have always joked about someday when I'm published...

Now it's really happening and its like wow this is real. I have to remind myself everyday that this is what I wanted. I need to take the good with the bad and be grateful for it all. I need to let my creative mind wonder and just keep writing. I think about all the people that are supportive of me and can't help but smile. I don't write these stories for one thing or another. I write because I have something inside me that says we have stories to tell. I feel I've been chasing this dream for so long that it has turned around and has started chasing me. It's on my mind in the morning, throughout the whole day until I go to sleep even then it's there in my dreams.

This is my calling, passion, and purpose in life. I've seen up close the the joy in little kid eyes, as they read my stories with me. I've been told over and over you need to get these stories published. I often responded with a laugh saying it's not that easy or yeah I'll do that tomorrow with no follow through. To tell you the truth it was no easy road to get here and I think that the road I'm talking about not being so easy. Was just the walk to the base of the mountain, now its time to start climbing, but I'm not tired, I'm excited and most importantly I'm finally ready. I'm not sure if I'm telling you or telling myself either way we can all learn from this and help carry each other. Whether you are a musician, artist, fellow writer, or just someone with a dream.

I challenge you to keep chasing it, because that's all we can do. That's what I'm going to do. I'm going to keep showing up and I'm going to keep writing whatever happens next is whatever happens. Thank you for reading my very first podium post. I hope you got something from it sign up for the news letter if you want to know when the next post or book comes out. Drop me a line and tell us what you thought of the book or post. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. If you don't want to do any of that, don't. Please just keep chasing your dreams and have a wonderful day.