2nd Tour Publishing

United we stand, divided we fall has been a motto used since the mid 1700's. It is a motto that we truly believe in and is still applicable to this day. Part of the reason 2nd Tour Publishing was created is because during our time in the service we learned and experienced that we were and are better as a team. Our members are former service members who are proud to stand and support one another. We are passionate about what we do and know a thing or two about hard work. With a military-style drive and zeal we push and aid each other to reach our goals and to be the best that we can be.

This is our 2nd Tour of service, we have hung up our boots and uniforms and pulled out pens, pencils, and paint brushes. Everybody has a story and this is how we creatively tell and share ours. Our logo includes the flag we have all stood behind and saluted so when you see it in or on our work you know we wear it with honor. It represents who we once were and who we are now.

                                                                                     We are 2nd Tour Publishing.

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