I want to see you! We want to see you or your kids or your pets or wherever you like to read. It's a way for us to stay connected. The last few pictures I have received have been from travelers who brought The Bee Who Sneezed with them somewhere. I also know there are more to be sent in soon. These pictures go straight to my heart because it means someone planned to take the time to bring a book with them to share it with someone or show us someplace we might not know about. 

Most people who know me know I have the travel bug. I love going new places and experiencing life in other cultures I love the food, I love the people, I love learning and teaching. I don't know much but one thing I have discovered in my world travels is that we can always learn something from one another.

It doesn't matter who we are or where we are from. There is always something! It's the little things that we quickly forget about because whenever we return from a trip everyone else wants to know about this or that.

The awesome things about bringing The Bee Who Sneezed around is that you know what you are going to learn about from each other. You don't know what that is but that is the exciting part. You get to show off a talent but also learn about someone else's. Sharing a laugh or a smile is truly a precious thing. Every single talented person picture we have received has made me smile and I can't thank you enough. You brighten my day and warm my heart. So please sending us your pictures, keep sharing the bee who sneezed with others. We don't just wanted the bee who sneezed pictures though we want this to continue with all of our books. So soon once The Rat Who Loved Math is released we will be asking for a pictures with the book and a math problem in the picture. Just an FYI or a heads up :) 


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I really want to thank you for joining us as we embark on this new adventure. Being able to see you and yours enjoying our books is what this is all about!

Have a blessed Sunday,

Have a wonderful week,

Keep being you because you are amazing!